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Our church is reformed in our view of salvation which means that we believe that our salvation is entirely because of God, from God, through God and in God. Since the Westminster Confession holds to a view of salvation that is founded on God’s work in its entirety—conversion, justification, sanctification, glorification—we as a church hold to that same confession. We are not just reformed but covenantal in our reformed views. This means that we see the common theme in the scriptures which holds Old and New testaments together and the theme is one of conditional and unconditional covenants that God makes with man. We believe that the best biblically representative view of reformed convictions is found in the framework of the covenantal view of scripture. Precious truths essential to salvation like penal substitution, particular redemption, federal representation, mediation, election, double imputation and alien righteousness find their place in the covenantal framework.

Another reason we hold to this particular confession is that we see the truths of salvation by grace in the covenant framework as effecting the way we see the church. If our church is defined by the gospel then the things which represent the gospel to the church are of utmost importance in defining the church (word and sacrament). This means that the things that God has appointed in covenant to make the gospel visible to us like baptism and the Lord’s table have a central place in the definition and preservation of the church. This means that our church is defined mostly by the gospel’s proclamation and seals to us more than the morality that exists in us. The sacramental convictions of the Westminster Confession become the essential place to sustain and unleash our doctrines of grace that we hold so dearly. It is because of this that we consent to the Westminster Confession’s view that the church is a mixed community compromised of believers and their children under the administration of the covenant of grace and not solely as those who have been regenerated through faith. It is our covenantal view of salvation that brings us to define the church by how God sets us apart by the administration of God’s gracious covenant over the existence of personal morality which in turn brings us to embrace a mixed view (believing parents and unbelieving children) of the local church. While we hold fellowship with reformed churches (in Acts 29 and beyond) that disagree on this issue, we feel that the priority and centrality of the covenant of grace and its administrative signs is best represented by the view of the church passed down by the Westminster Confession.

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