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Genesis: The Stage for the Gospel Word

Preacher Paul Hernandez - Genesis 5:1-32
Genesis: The Stage for the Gospel Word
Delivered on: 18 June 2017

Now that God had provided a substitute in Seth, the promise given to Adam and Eve can continue through the lineage of Seth. It continued because it was a gracious God who was keeping the promise through sinners. In this passage, we also learned what it means to look to the promise. It means that you are in a relation with God through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, until He takes you home. In the midst of a stressful, fallen, broken world, we can find comfort and rest in the promise that God has provided and secured for us. (Ge 5:1-32)

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The Community of Christ and the Community of the Serpent, Pt 2

Genesis: The Stage for the Gospel Word

Pastor Aldo Leon - Genesis 4:17-26
Genesis: The Stage for the Gospel Word
Delivered on: 11 June 2017

After the world falls, the world is divided by those who trust in the promised Christ and those who trust in themselves and in so doing follow the devil. What distinguishes these communities? Are they similar? How do they compare and interact with each other? Continuing in our series with part two describing the two communities, this part shows us how the communities look in the world. (Ge 4:17-26)

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God's grace is one-way love!

About our Gospel Grace Obesession, Christian Growth and Standards

Our obscure church has received a reputation for having an obsession with the grace of the gospel. And while some understand this very well and are seeing it firsthand (its powerful effects) there are many who are confused and some very concerned and others that seem to be a bit angry. I find myself having the same conversations with visitors and others who hear about what we are about. The main concern that I often hear is in light of your preoccupation with gospel grace, where is holiness and discipleship and things of that nature? The assumption is that to be fixated on gospel grace is counterproductive to moral behavior consistent with the Bible’s stances on morality. So, the first concern is that we pick stuff in the Bible to focus on while neglecting others and the second is that our fixation on the gospel is counterproductive to the Christian life. Here is my pastoral answer to these questions as to how our gospel grace obsession relates to Christian growth and standards and how it is the actual focus of the Bible. And—please—not that our gospel obsession does not mean that we do not talk about things people should do, it simply means that the gospel is our focus and emphasis.

This is not an article that is two pages long that you can read in line at the store. It is an in-depth explanation and will take some time to absorb, but it is so because it is my attempt to answer clearly why we stand on the gospel the way we do. Take your time and read a few points at time if you will, but get to the end as every point is significant in this conversation.

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