The True Place of Suffering

Independent Sermons

Pastor Aldo Leon - Psalms 77:1-20
Independent Sermons
Delivered on: 26 February 2017

Suffering is such a common reality in this life that our ability to place it in the gospel's framework is utterly essential. If we have either a practical agnosticism and or Christ-less moralism in how we qualify suffering, we will have a massive spiritual vacuum in our lives. In our text, we will learn how to suffer in a way which truly demands the gospel and learn how the gospel uniquely meets suffering's demands. (Ps 77:1-20)

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Who are We to See who is He: The Words Working in Humanity

Genesis: The Stage for the Gospel Word

Pastor Aldo Leon - Genesis 1:26-27
Genesis: The Stage for the Gospel Word
Delivered on: 19 February 2017

What does it mean to be human? Our answer to this question will be key in our pursuit of knowing the God of the word as how He made us is one of the key ways to know Him. In our passage, we answer this by asking four questions: What determined us? What defines us? What distinguishes us? What directs us? As we go through these questions, we learn that to be human is to be determined by God's conversation, to be defined by what this conversation has made us to be, to be distinguished by how this conversation has given us identity before duty and how all this directs us to a primary preoccupation to be devoted to God. (Ge 1:26-27)

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To Know Me is to Know how my Word Works, Pt 2

Genesis: The Stage for the Gospel Word

Pastor Aldo Leon - Genesis 1:14-25
Genesis: The Stage for the Gospel Word
Delivered on: 12 February 2017

Knowing God is more like getting to know the layers of His words' workings rather than merely having a factual description of His nature. So as God unveils Himself to His people in Genesis, He begins to describe layer by layer how His word works in creation in order to show us His personal glory. (Ge 1:14-25)

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