Nothing Without the Gospel, Everything With it


Pastor Aldo Leon - Colossians 1:3-11
Delivered on: 11 January 2015

We often think that the gospel of Jesus Christ is something which gets us saved and makes sure that we have a place in heaven. It is this over simplistic view of the gospel which has us seeking to find what we need in life in many things outside of Christ. The message of Colossians and the bible at large is that Jesus and His work is enough. You may think, really? How can you say that? In this message we see specifically why the gospel of Jesus is truly enough for us in all things. (Col 1:3-11)

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God's Gospel Delight in Us, the True Source of Thanks


Pastor Aldo Leon - 1st Thessalonians 1:1-5
Delivered on: 16 November 2014

It seems clear that we as Christians are to be thankful people. But the question is how do we who are often bitter and complaining and unsatisfied become a people marked by thanksgiving? How are we to worship God because of what He has done? Are we to simply go through regular guilt trips when we are reminded that we should be thankful and just give it another try? In our text we see that if we are to be a thankful people we need to see how greatly God delights and rejoices over us because of who we are in Christ. We see that thanksgiving is something which God has over us because of Christ and something that He invites us to join Him in because of Christ. (1 Thess 1:1-5)

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Loved by Christ to Be Lovers Above All

Greek words

Pastor Aldo Leon - John 21:15-19
Delivered on: 31 August 2014

If I were to ask you what is most important and fundamental for you to live for Christ in this world in the places he has called you, what would you say? What qualifies you most to serve and minister to people? Is it your intelligence, or your morality, or your hard work? How you answer this tells you much about the state of your heart. What we find in our passage is that what is most essential in serving Christ is to realize that we are nothing without Him and rejoice in this reality! We are useful as gospel ministers so far as we see our need for the gospel and as we see how great our need we see how lovely our Savior is. You see love for a person whose name is Jesus is what is most important and that love comes only from experiencing His love in the gospel. (John 21:15-19)

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