My Grace is Sufficient

Pastor Aldo at Spanish River

Pastor Aldo Leon - 2 Corinthians 12:1-10
Independent Sermons
Delivered on: 23 July 2017

Pastor Aldo Leon was invited to Spanish River Church, a partner church of Reconcile Church Miami, and delivered a sermon as part of the "Your Verse" series. In this sermon, Pastor Aldo expounds on Paul's writings in 2 Corinthians 12 and we learn how we are practically sustained by the Gospel in every day moments. The below link directs you to a live stream recording of the service, the sermon starts around 24:00 with an introduction by Ron Tobias, Executive Pastor of Spanish River Church. (2 Co 12:1-10)

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Trip through Ecclesiastes: A Pastoral Response to Irma

A Response to Hurricane Irma

Pastor Aldo Leon - Various from Ecclesiastes
Independent Sermons
Delivered on: 17 September 2017

When tragedy strikes how do we respond as Christians? Do we flare up and act like bold fierce superheroes? Do we trivialize things and drop endless moral cliches? Do we wallow in depression and question God? Solomon shows us how to see a fallen world as it is and to live in it with God-centered sobriety and humility. What we need in tragedy is to embrace it for what it is in the sense of the hope of Jesus and Him crucified. (Various from Ecclesiastes)

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Covenants, Pt 1

Reformed, More than a Word

Pastor Aldo Leon - Various Scriptures
Reformed, More than a Word
Delivered on: 3 September 2017

As we have learned that the bible and our life are about the redemption that God accomplished in Christ in history, we then need to ask how is this story advanced? What is the frame for this narrative of the gospel? What we learn is that the gospel narrative is advanced by the framework of God’s covenants that begin in creation and culminate in the end. Come and see how redemption occurs in the context of a covenantal relationship in covenantal promises. (Various Scriptures)

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