Salvation, A Love Story

Ruth and Boaz

Pastor Aldo Leon - Ruth 3
Delivered on: 26 July 2015

Christianity is about salvation and salvation is nothing less than a love story that we need to regularly re-script ourselves into. Listen to the story of Ruth and see how Pastor Leon shows how the story of Ruth describes our relationship to our redeemer. See how we seek intimacy with the redeemer, how we see intimacy with the redeemer and how we share intimacy. (Ruth 3:1-18)

This sermon was given as part of Providence Road Church's “Ruth” series, please visit their site: to listen to the series.

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En Español - Rut 3

El Pastor Aldo dió este sermón en la Iglesia Providence Road como parte de la serie “Rut”, Por favor, visita su sitio web: para escuchar y descargar archivos de audio de esta serie en español.

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Call to Mercy Because of Mercy

Pastor Aldo Leon - Matthew 5:43-48
Delivered on: 05 July 2015

We are called to love our enemies deeply, but that is only because of how deeply and powerfully we were loved as God's enemies and because of how God continues to love us in our ongoing moments of hostility. (Mat 5:43-48)

This sermon was given as part of Christ City Church's "Upside Down" series, please visit their site: to hear the series.

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A recorded video of this sermon has been posted to YouTube at:

You are Perfect to Bear the Gospel

Urban Missionaries

Pastor Aldo Leon - Luke 10:17-23
Delivered on: 28 June 2015

Are you involved in mission work? Are you involved in planting a new church? Do you feel qualified and satisfied with your efforts? Take heart, Christian, Pastor Leon leads us through the passages in Luke that show how delighted Christ is in His children and how you are perfect to bear the Gospel. (Luke 10:17-23)

This sermon was given as part of The Gospel Fellowship's “Urban Missionaries” series, please visit their site: to hear the series.

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