Saved to See and Enjoy the Savior

Water to Wine

Pastor Aldo Leon - John 2:1-11
Delivered on: 15 June 2014

What is the Christian life about? Or better yet what is Jesus ministry about? There are many ways we can answer this question, many right ways but the question still begs to be answered concerning what Jesus came primarily to accomplish. Is He to be known as the miracle worker or the great prophetic reformer? Is He the great moral teacher or the wise sage sent to show us the way? Is He the great example for life or the great inspirer or motivator? The great deed worker and example of piety and generosity? In our passage Jesus does His first introductory inaugural miracle which shows us what His ministry is all about and simultaneously what our lives should be about. At the end of this passage, the disciples beheld His glory in this miracle in a way which moved their hearts to faith and so it is that which Jesus lays before us in this passage that will unveil Jesus's central glory which defines us and moves us. (John 2:1-11)

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