The Five Solas, Pt 1: The Way the Main Theme is Understood

Reformed, More than a Word

Pastor Aldo Leon - Various Scriptures
Reformed, More than a Word
Delivered on: 15 October 2017

To be reformed is to be about the bible as a story of God's historic redemption in Christ which is advanced and understood by distinguishing covenants (grace and works or law and gospel). This covenantal story is about three actors working together who are Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The five solas are categories which enable this covenantal, trinitarian story of salvation to be rightly understood and preserved. The first two essential pieces to these solas which promote and protect the gospel are soli deo gloria (God's glory alone) and sola gratia (grace alone). (Various Scriptures)

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The Light of the Love of God

Reformed, More than a Word

Pastor Ronnie Perry Jr. - John 3:16-21
Reformed, More than a Word
Delivered on: 8 October 2017

When contemplating God's story of redemption of his people from the fall, we must ask this question: how is sin dealt with so that God can enter into a relationship with redeemed humanity? To understand this, we must have a doctrine of the Trinity that informs our understanding of the Father lovingly sending the Son into creation and the Son lovingly obeying the Father and giving Himself for the elect to the point of death on the cross and the Spirit raising Christ from the dead and applying his work in the hearts of the elect. As we realize the sufficiency of Christ's work on the cross we can allow the Holy Spirit to reveal our sin and increase our awareness of this truth, while having a growing awareness of the glory of Christ and the perfect loving community that exists in our Triune God being one Godhead in three persons. And realize that we are partners of that perfect loving community by faith in Christ and therefore should not be afraid of the revelation of our sin because in it the love of God and our union with Christ is revealed. (Jn 3:16-21)

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Trinitarian: The Main Actors in the Story of Redemption

Reformed, More than a Word

Pastor Aldo Leon - Various Scriptures
Reformed, More than a Word
Delivered on: 1 October 2017

We have learned that reformed means we see the bible as a story about God’s acts of redemption advanced and preserved by covenants (covenants separated and properly related). The question needs to be asked however, as to who are those involved in this story advanced by these covenants. The three persons of the trinitarian Godhead have a unique place, function, and purpose in this story. Said another way the story of redemption is about these three persons who are One and what they do. Who they are and how they work together in salvation is at the center of worship and life. (Various Scriptures)

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