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Cleansed by Grace, Eternally Clean

Written by Pastor Aldo Leon on .

Acts 10:15-16 “Again, a second time, a voice said to him, ‘What God has made clean, you must not call common.’ This happened three times, and then the object was taken up into heaven.” (HCSB)

We, as humans, have a serious issue to call things that are clean common, both with ourselves and others. We think of ourselves as clean and think of ourselves as better and others as common and unclean for whatever reasons we choose. We also think of ourselves as common and unclean and think that others are clean. This issue occurs because we do not see ourselves and others in light of the gospel of Christ. In our passage we learn something wonderful for the person who is struggling with his own sins. Some of you may feel yourself common or unclean because of your broken family and or your broken sinful past, but the word to you from heaven is that you are not common or unclean because of these things because God has cleansed you. The passage says God has made you clean not God has placed you in a process of self-cleansing! Your family history and past has been wiped clean at the cross and you are now a part of a new family tree with Jesus Christ's righteous life being your birth certificate.

Some of you may feel common because you lack the beauty of others, the strength of others, the intelligence and career of others but you must not do that! What God has cleansed by Jesus Christ you must never call unclean! You are now in Christ as beautiful as He is and have His strength in your weakness, How vital and essential is it for the church to realize that what God has cleansed by grace we must not call common by law; let us treat ourselves and other in light of this essential truth!and His wisdom in your folly, and His career as your own to boast in, what God has cleaned you must not see as common. You may feel yourself common or unclean because of the evil thoughts you have and the embarrassing temptations that you have that no one knows of or the sinful things that you still fall into on a regular basis and because of these things you may say, “I am surely common and unclean.” You must not call what God has cleansed common or unclean! You are cleansed and you are special not because you do not sin, nor because you have pure thoughts, nor because you lack temptations but you have been sanctified by the offering of the body of Jesus once and for all!

Now there are some of you who are now struggling more in the other area in that you call others common or unclean. You look at the believer who is not social and is awkward and you call him or her common but you must not do that either; those whom God cleanses through faith are not awkward and weird, they are beloved and clean. You may, in your heart, look at the black believer, the white believer and see them as a lesser Christian because of their race but you must not do that; God has cleansed! Your opinions of what is good and what is bad does not cleanse people! God is the one who cleanses! We do not cleanse with our standards; our standards make people unclean. You may also look at the new believer or the struggling believer and say that he or she is unclean and seek to avoid them or you may seek to try to make them like you but you must not do that. It does not matter how that new or struggling believer looks to you, He has been declared righteous for Christ's sake not unrighteous for your sake. He or she has been made clean no matter how much you desire to declare him or her otherwise. God's declarations are greater than yours. How vital and essential is it for the church to realize that what God has cleansed by grace we must not call common by law; let us treat ourselves and other in light of this essential truth!

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