Pursued, Called, Loved, Kept

Written by Pastor Aldo Leon on .

Jude 1:1 “To those who are the called, loved by God the Father and kept by Jesus Christ.”(HCSB)

Jude is a most interesting letter for our time. It is written to Christians who are surrounded by people trying to destroy them with lies about God. So what did they and what do we need to know in a world that is full of deception and lies and false teaching about God and all things? What is our hope to not be deceived and led astray? Why do I know that I will make it to the end? Because Jesus already ran the race and finished it for you and sat in heaven where you sit. We are called by God, loved by God, and kept by the accomplishments of the Son, stand on this!What is our protection and confidence? Look at what the first part of our passage tells us, we are people who have been called. You see our Christian life is not a volunteer organization full of people who willed their way into it; no we have been called, we have been willed into it by the will of God. “Why is this comforting?” you may ask. Simply this, my friends, the reason why you will not be deceived and lost in this world of deceit and lies is because God in His power called you and you did not call yourself. How wonderful is it that every day as you struggle with your unbelief and as you see how many people promote lies in the name of Jesus you can say, “I have been called!” And since He called me and began this wonderful life with Christ, I will remain here forever in the midst of all the lies. He called me by name! This was not a general invitation where I made my way through a crowd; He called me by name and in the same way that in Genesis 1 He said let there be light and so it was, He said to me and you let us be His and it was eternally and always so. We are called people so let us be comforted! We think too much that we are believing and we are walking and we are holding and not enough that we are summoned and called people, people that can rest in a God who called them first before anything else, a pursuing God who initiates an eternal love relationship by calling!

But that is not all! We who have been called by God are also said to be those who are loved by the Father. You see these three truths are all very necessary for each one to comfort us in this time of deception and error. We were not just called to salvation by God’s power but we are loved by the Father. We are not just loved but our very title now is “loved one.” You know what your new identity and title is, Christian? Loved by God! You can rest assured that you will be safe and persevere and finish this Christian life because you are loved by a Father! It is not your love which keeps you but His love. It is not your loveliness and goodness that keeps you but it is His love. The way this phrase “loved by God” is written here is telling us that not only are we loved but that we have always been loved. Do you realize that there has never been a time in all eternity where you have not been loved by the Father as His child? Do you think that God who has been loving you for all eternity would ever stop loving you and ever love you less deeply and passionately for your failures? The SkyNo! You are loved always, you are loved perfectly, you are loved passionately and you are loved in spite of how you may be acting! Remember this, Christian, as you see the lies and errors around you, remember that your rock, the foundation you stand on, is that you are loved by a heavenly Father.

But that is not all! You are also kept by Jesus Christ. As if called and loved were not enough, God gives us more reasons to have hope in this dangerous and chaotic world filled with lies and deception. You are kept by Christ. What does that mean? Simply that your calling and love by God the Father are held together by the fact that you are in Christ. Why am I called, why am I loved like this? How can this be? Jesus, God’s Son, has obeyed His Father for you as a man and so His perfect life clothes you like an outfit and God sees nothing but obedience and perfection when He looks at you. Why am I called and loved like this in all my sin and rebellion? Because Jesus's death has covered all of your errors and buried them in the depths of the ocean so that now there is no sin that is between you and your Father. Why do I know that I will make it to the end? Because Jesus already ran the race and finished it for you and sat in heaven where you sit. We are called by God, loved by God, and kept by the accomplishments of the Son, stand on this!

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