Your Understanding is Unreliable

Written by Pastor Aldo Leon on .

Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding; think about Him in all your ways and He will guide you on the right paths." (HCSB)

The great story of the bible is that God has redeemed sinners all of grace by the works of His beloved Son. It is because of this big picture that we are given this command in the proverb. If Jesus died for the helpless and hopeless—who could in themselves do nothing to help themselves—then this reality becomes the theme song of our life. The gospel tells us that our very best plans and actions deserved the wrath of God and demanded Jesus’s suffering under the wrath of God for us. This is why we are to trust the Lord with all of our heart and not rely at all on our own understanding. The gospel does not remove our helplessness rather it gives us a place to be forever helped in our helplessness. We are to trust in the Lord, my dear brother and sister, not trust in our goodness, obedience, or even our theological understanding, it is the Lord Himself which is to be our trust. We are to trust a personal God who loves us, not trust in our religious dutiesProverbs 3:5-6 and/or our various plans and strategies for life. We often trust God as we trust in ourselves with our various schemes and plans for successful living but the text does not tell us to do that, it says trust in the Lord alone and not to rely on our own understanding not to trust in the Lord and your understanding!

We are not only to trust the Lord Himself but we are to trust Him with the totality of our hearts. This is not an intellectual thing, this is a thing of the heart. Meaning that we are trust God in love and faith as little children. We are to marvel at Him as a child does when he finds comfort in the embrace of his father. We often trust God with our rationality and reason and not with our hearts. We are such smart people, such wise people, such great thinkers and planners we are! We trust God when we can make sense of things and when we are comfortable with the situation. We trust God The gospel does not remove our helplessness rather it gives us a place to be forever helped in our helplessness.when we feel we have managed and controlled the situation to our satisfaction. We trust Him when we can see the outcome to our favor. The text tells us to trust Him with our hearts however, not with our calculations and reasonings. The life of faith is a life of loving a lovely God who loves us dearly not one of taking our limited brains and minds and seeking to trust God in the boxes where we have placed Him. This is why we are to always trust in the Lord with our hearts by looking to Calvary. On the cross you see once and for all that God is trustworthy and faithful as the words belt through eternity, "It is finished," by our Savior. On the cross we see that God loves us so dearly that He did not withhold His Son but gave Him for us and gave Him to us. On the cross we see that though we deserved nothing but the wrath of God, God has—because of His own goodness—given us all things in Christ. On the cross we see that in weakness there is power, in suffering there is glory, in agony there is joy. On the cross we see the heart of God bleeding for us that He would be able to do us nothing but good for all eternity. On the cross we see our adoption, we see God as Father, Christ as brother and Husband. God’s interests are ours and ours God’s. On the cross we see that all of shame and failures being turned to glory and triumph. On the cross we see God taking control and fixing our greatest difficulties by Himself with no help of our own. On the cross we see a God who is lovely and beautiful and amazing as He being holy and just could at the same time forgive and pardon sinners. Trust the Lord with all your hearts, Christian! May His love and how lovely He is in His love give you a trusting love for Him in life in all of your ways. Away with all your man-made plans and self-help methods of how to live and progress in life! Look to the cross and see a God who you can truly trust with all your heart even when you cannot make sense of things in accordance to your thoughts. Away with trusting in a God who you can only trust as you manage things with your strength and embrace a God who is powerful in our weakness, wise in our foolishness. Let us trust the Lord with all our hearts and lean not on anything in ourselves because we are being captivated by Jesus with all of His heart laying down all of His life for us.

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