Psalms 149:3-4

God Delights in His People, Let us rejoice!

Written by Pastor Aldo Leon on .

Psalms 149:3-4 "Let them praise His name with dancing and make music to Him with tambourine and lyre. 4 For Yahweh takes pleasure in His people; He adorns the humble with salvation." (HCSB)

We often times look at what is said in verse three but forget the reason for verse three which follows. We all know that God is to be worshipped and celebrated in a way which is visible but do we know why? You may say, "We do because He is worthy of it." This is a correct answer but this idea of worshipping because God is worthy needs more explanation. Is worship something which we give to God or something that He gives to us? Does God need us or do we need Him? When you begin to ask these questions you begin to see the reason we need verse four to get to the celebration in verse three. Christian, we celebrate and worship God for who He is because He takes pleasure in us! It is God’s delight over us which brings us to delight Him. You may say really? Yes! It is the favor of God, His love towards you which empowers, motivates and enables you to love and delight in Him! Just as the sun shining on the diamond enables the diamond to shine back light towards the sun so it is with us and God’s delight towards us. Just as the fountain filling up the holes in the ground with water enables the holes to then overflow with water so it is with us. Worship and life unto God is a reflex in response to the powerful, personal and transforming love of God towards us. So the next time you see yourself unable to rejoice in the Lord remember this and lay hold of it, God delights in you with the same delight that He has for His Son!

You may then continue to argue with God and say really is this so? Read further in the verse where it says, "He adorns the humble with salvation." God delights in you, Christian, with a perfect delight because He has adorned you with salvation! Meaning that He delights in you because He has crowned you with the perfections of His Son, Jesus Christ, and He has removed all your imperfections in Christ. No excuses and arguments will hold all your objections to God’s delight over you. Your objections are silenced by what He Himself has given you. Notice it says He adorns the humble, not the holy, not the righteous, not the godly but those who lack. Oh yes! God in my filth and sin crowns me with glory and honor and places me in Christ in such a way that God looks at me with the same delight that He has for His Beloved Son. So as you are wallowing in your lack of love and passion consider God’s delight over you because of Christ and let your sadness over what you lack bring you to treasure what Christ has for you. Let your sadness over your fleeting obedience bring you to behold Christ, the God-man, obeying to the glory of God for you. Let the guilt and paralysis you have over your sins bring you to say boldly, "Behold the lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world!" Let your lowly moments bring you to proclaim, "He has seated me in heavenly places in Christ Jesus!" Christian, God indeed delights in His people so let us rejoice in this!

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