John 16:23-24

God has Promised to Give You all You Ever Truly Wanted Already, so ask Him

Written by Pastor Aldo Leon on .

John 16:23-24 "…I assure you: Anything you ask the Father in My name, He will give you. 24 Until now you have asked for nothing in My name. Ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be complete." (HCSB)

What is prayer? Is it merely a place where we can depend upon God for things that we need? It seems that we see something here which is most amazing about prayer. And that is, we are assured that God will give us things that we ask in the name of Jesus. That is to say that when we approach the Father as children who are given access to Him through Christ there is a delightful promise that He will share things with us. That is to say that when we ask things in light of who Jesus is and what He has done the God of heaven stands ready to share things which are particularly about this, or better said about Him. Prayer is not merely a place to ask for things but a place where we meet with God as we celebrate the merits of His Son. We ascend to heaven in prayer solely because of Jesus and we do so for the primary purpose of Jesus. It is a place where we ask for things in Jesus name, that is, things centered on Jesus. We ask the Father that we would enjoy His Son more, that we would have a greater sense of the greatness of His love. We ask that our love for Him would grow, we ask that we would boast more in His achievements for us, that we would delight to speak about them. We ask that our knowledge of Him would move us to desire to be with Him and know Him and wait for His return. God is so sure of His delight in Christ and Him being all we need that He has already said yes to anything we would ask in light of Him!

Christian, this privilege and opportunity is so that we would have a complete joy, a full joy! Prayer is not merely a duty or obligation but it is a place where pursuing God because of Jesus for Jesus brings us a complete joy! Is not the beauty of life that we ask and receive things from those who are near to us? It is the closeness we share with others which motivates us to ask and delight in what we receive from them. Isn’t it also true that the greater the person the greater the joy experienced when receiving? Could anything be more amazing than asking God--who is value itself--for something and yet because He is Father receiving so easily something so precious as Christ? So lofty is the person we are asking from and yet so near is He to us, so delighted is He to give. Christian, God is your Father and delights to share Christ with you so be bold and see the wonder of asking God for whatever you desire in the name of Christ and receiving from God. What a privilege, what an honor that the God who owes us nothing has obliged Himself to give us all that we ask for that which we need most--Christ! So ask! Dare to ask Him that Jesus who is the treasure of God Himself for all eternity would be enjoyed by you more and know that God has promised to give. See how we can be so bold and demanding before God and receive someone so amazing as Christ because of Christ being our righteousness before God. Jesus took our sins and the punishment they required and then buried them in the abyss on the cross and obeyed as a man for us so that we can be bold in demanding Jesus to the Father! Be bold! God has promised already to say yes to all of your requests which are because of Jesus and for Jesus so that you would be able to have the same joy that God has over His Beloved Son!

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