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The Beauty of Knowing God as the One who sent Jesus

Written by Pastor Aldo Leon on .

John 12:44 Then Jesus cried out, “The one who believes in Me believes not in Me but in Him who sent Me.”

In the gospel of John Jesus regularly refers to His Father with the title, “the One who sent Him.” Is this not amazing that the God of the universe has seen fit to make Himself known to us as the One who sent Jesus? This means that God desires that when we consider Him we consider him primarily in Jesus. Not a heavenly Jesus but a sent Jesus, a Jesus who shows us God by becoming one of us and humbling Himself to the point of death for our redemption. We are to consider God in a crucified Jesus! God is who? The One who sent Jesus and so it is that if we are to enjoy the triune God we are to enjoy Him in Christ alone. To seek to know and worship God in any other way than this is to send ourselves to God and so to be forever lost in searching as God has once for all made Himself known to us as the One who sent Christ to us. Look nowhere else Christian, as you seek to pursue God—God is the One who sent Jesus to you.

This also means that God has desired to have us primarily consider Him as a saving God. God sent Jesus into the world to save sinners by grace! And so that we would not think that we should view God as nothing more than a Holy judge who is never pleased with us and always expecting something for us He has told us, take courage I am known to you as the One who sent Jesus as Savior. Love Me! Enjoy Me! Know Me! Relate to Me as the One who is forever known as the One who sent Jesus to save unworthy sinners all of grace! You may say yes this is good and well but I am not enjoying or relating or loving God in any satisfying sense now. Could it be that you are not seeing God as the One who sent Jesus to save people who delighted not in God and were His enemies and were filled with the lusts of the world? God is the One who sent Jesus to save the loveless and He is forever known to you as the One who sent Jesus to save. So take courage in a sending, saving God who bears the title, the One who sent Jesus! God sent Jesus to save you from all of your loveless days and moments so that you would love Him for the immensity of His grace and not the immensity of your loving responses. God is not said to be a God who sends morals, commands and or principles but a God who has sent Jesus to save us by being righteous in our place! He has sent Christ in your place and He desires you to know always that God is the sending, saving God who provides Christ for poor and bankrupt sinners!

What we also see in these words is the foundation for the hope of our intimacy with God. Do you not know that the Christian life is simply a life of fellowship with God? If we are to know God as the sending God who sent Christ to us then we must always seek to relate to God in this way. So many of us feel such loneliness from God as we seek Him in prayer, worship and study. Could it be that you have forgotten or never known this simple truth that God is known as the One who sent Christ to you? Are you going to worship and pray because you are sending yourself to God to know Him or because God has sent Christ to you already? Because of what Christ has done God has sent Him to us by His Spirit and so we are not to seek a God who is afar but rather a God who is near to us in Christ. Let us pursue a God who is there already in Christ! Let us know a God who knows us in Christ! Let us draw near to a God who has drawn near to us in Christ! Let us worship a God who comes to us to lift us up by His grace to worship! Let us always be people who see ourselves first as pursued by Christ rather than pursuers of Christ! Let us seek to know a God who has made us His eternal dwelling place by His Spirit! Let us lay hold of Him because He has first laid hold of us! Let us once and for all see God as once and for all known as the One who sent Jesus to us!

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