blind receive sight

The Blind are Given Sight

Written by Pastor Aldo Leon on .

John 9

Jesus has seen fit to glorify Himself and benefit us from our blindness being restored. If this is so when one is totally blind then it would seem to be true still, I still suffer from temporary and momentary blindness. Even in my sight I do not see fully, but yet Jesus is Oh, eyesight is such a simple thing but yet profound, seeing Jesus with the eyes of the heart is the very beauty of salvation and delight of eternity.still the One who delights to give sight to those who see their partial vision and temporary vision. He does this not that we would glory in seeing things and discerning reality but as this account shows that we would see His face and love it in our souls.

We have been given eyes both physical and spiritual for one purpose, that we would see infinite beauty in Christ. Oh, Jesus would you who delight in mercy restore my sight once again? Save me from the blindness of seeing things but not seeing Christ. Save me from seeing things outside of the beauty of Christ who is the Alpha and the Omega, the very glory and beauty which all things beautiful point to. There is no reality or beauty outside of Him. May I delight in the sight I have been given through the work of Christ and through the application of the Spirit and may I delight to continually need to be restored to see again and again. It is here in this ongoing need for Christ to give me sight to see Him that I see His glory as I remain forevermore in need of Him for something as simple as merely seeing Him. How easy it is to presume something as automatic and natural as sight to not demand divine power and grace! Oh, eyesight is such a simple thing but yet profound, seeing Jesus with the eyes of the heart is the very beauty of salvation and delight of eternity. It is seeing which transforms, inspires, motivates and moves the earth. We are to see beauty in the face of Jesus and so we must be people who seek to be vessels to have others see that same beauty. Seeing is believing and believing is seeing. What good is beauty and glory manifested if it cannot be seen? It is not that Christ is glorious only if we see, but it is so that it is of no benefit to us if we do not see. Oh, Lord you do not need us to see you but we need you to see you. May we seek to see your beauty in that place where you are known and sinners are made to see, that is in your wounds, in your death, in your resurrection and ascension to glory.

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